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Christian Counseling Certification Guide and Information

Welcome to the information page and guide for Christian Counseling. We thank you for your visit. Here you will find detailed information on how you may become certified in this ever growing mental health practice specialty.

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian Counseling is a unique approach to counseling that utilizes Christian principles in understanding moral dilemmas that require counsel.  Its foundation is Biblical and Christ-centered as it attempts to counsel, guide, instruct and heal a person in need of professional help.  Christian Counseling does not ignore basic psychological advances nor deny medical fact, but incorporates the sciences with theology and biblical truth.   While secular counseling may separate itself from the light of truth which is Christ, Christian Counseling embraces Christ as the model for all counselors.   Since Christ is the center of all Christian Counseling sessions, one can imagine that it is also a very spiritual session.  It incorporates prayer and biblical meditation to many issues.  It also identifies sin as a culprit for many problems in today’s world and seeks virtue in place of vice.  When maladies arise which are beyond the training of a Christian Counselor, a licensed counselor is always sought after for proper medical attention. 

christian counselingWhat are the requirements for entering the Christian Counseling certification program?

The requirements for entry into a Christian Counseling Certification Program are essential to ensure that clients or spiritual children are receiving good biblical and theological advice.   Ideally, most people who become Christian Counselors are already interested in theology and the Bible.  They are licensed ministers or priests who give advice on a daily basis.  However, the charism of counsel is not limited to just the hierarchy but is a calling for all Christians.  Hence, many Christian communities sponsor or hire a Christian Counselor to lead in a variety of subjects ranging from marriage preparation to substance abuse.  These Church communities become the first line of outreach to troubled persons.  These type of individuals should have college and academic background at least at the Bachelor’s level in theology, biblical study, philosophy, sociology, psychology, social work, counseling, or other social sciences that are applicable.  If one does not possess a degree in these areas, various licensures in health care, counseling and ministry can be applicable.

What type of training is required?

Since Christian Counseling is not a licensure issued by the state, there are no official training recommendations.  Different certification programs have different standards.   It is important when identifying a particular organization that it does, however, have some standard training program and pre-requisites for entry.  The American Institute of Health Care Professionals requires that the candidate take basic core courses that cover biblical and theological principles critical to counseling a Christian.  Seven core courses introduce to the student important moral issues, mentorship ideals, spiritual meditation, metaphysical  concepts and pastoral care and crisis intervention practices.    The Institute is confident that with these core courses and the strict prerequisite mandates required that one will have the essential skills to be a Christian Counselor.  You may visit our program by visiting here.

How can I become certified in Christian Counseling?

Several types of certification program exist today that offer a Christian counseling certification. Some of the programs require completion of a specific education program. Others may confer certification by passing a comprehensive examination. An internet search will provide you with the organizations offering certification. There are also college level programs that are being offered today that lead to a "Certificate" upon completion. While a certificate is an excellent credential to have, it is not the same as a professional "certification." Certifications are most generally offered by professional organizations and are renewable. Certifications are based on one achieving the defined quality standards for verification of skills/abilities in a particular practice specialty. You may learn more about Christian counseling certification by accessing the links on this page to specific social media sites.


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